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Eliminates Bad Blue Light

Our State of the Art Blue Lens technology blocking out harmful blue light from your computer screen and electronic devices so you can be more productive at work and at home with reduced sore eyes and headaches

Sleep Glasses to Reduce Headaches

Did you know that the blue light you are receiving could be the cause of your restless sleep and headaches? With our blue light glasses, say goodbye to sor eyes, headaches and no sleep!

No More Glare

How annoying is glare? Our blue lens have a premium anti reflective coating applied. This means that you will receive less glare on your screen. More time to do what you love without adding discomfort!

Learn More About Blue Light

Read Our blog to find out more about blue light and how it affects your sleep, reduces headaches and eye strain

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Free Premium Coatings

All our lenses come with industry leading Blue Blocker lenses & anti-reflective coating

Banish Headaches

Stop headaches caused by blue light

Cool Frames

There's a stylish pair of glasses for every face shape and taste


Is Blue Light Dangerous?

Dr Shelby Temple explains in simple, easy to understand terms why blue light is dangerous and why it is essential to protect our eyes from damaging blue light rays.

We all realise that ultra violet light is dangerous but what we fail to recognise is blue light is just another wavelength in the light spectrum and it's also dangerous - it has high energy. Blue light is dangerous. It can be even more dangerous than ultra violet light to the back of the eye. What happens is as a proton of high energy light enters the eye, it can knock an electron off of an atom and that can cause it to become reactive and dangerous to the eye.


What do Blue Light Glasses do?

Blue light blocking lenses protect your eyes from artificial blue light from digital devices. If you spend more than 2+ hours a day on digital devices, you really need to invest in a pair of blue light blocking glasses due to the damage artificial blue light can do to your eyes. Blue light also inhibits the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone responsible for making you drowsy and tired at night. It can also affect your health in a myriad of other ways such as causing headaches, sore and tired eyes as well as blurry vision. 

Do they really work?

Yes, many scientific studies and Doctors such as Dr Shelby Temple believe that blue light glasses are backed by science. Our blue light blocking glasses are designed to filter down the complete harmful blue light spectrum which causes digital eye strain. At 380 to 435 nm, blue light is at its most dangerous to the eye. Our range of glasses block 100% dangerous blue and green light up to 550 nm. This is one of the most common FAQS which is being asked less and less as people try our glasses and feel the difference.

How do I know if I need blue light blocking glasses?

Anyone who spends 2+ hours a day on digital devices should consider wearing a pair of anti blue light glasses. Our glasses may be especially helpful to you if you are currently experiencing headaches, difficulty focusing, difficulty sleeping or sore eyes. The blue light filter can help improve sleep, leaving you feeling more rejuvenated and not like you just pulled an all nighter. Try us to feel the difference today. We have stylish glasses for all faces and shapes.

Can I wear my blue glasses all day?

Yes, you can wear glasses with blue light lenses all day. Blue light is not only found on a screen but in the world around us. Natural blue light is necessary for us to function during the day however, artificial blue light which is found everywhere in the digital world (even in light bulbs!) can be damaging to the eye. Our glasses are designed for all day and night use as they also include extra eye protection with an anti reflective and UV coating to protect your eyes from reflections and from UV damage to the eye from sunlight. Harmful UV light can damage the cells in the back of the eye.

Can they damage my eyes?

There is no scientific evidence that suggests glasses with blue light blocking lenses can damage your eye in any way. There is however, a lot of different studies (including this study from Harvard Health) that conclude blue light can have a negative effect on eye health. This is particularly true as we spend long hours on virtual devices. Order a pair to try the difference today

Can I Pay with Afterpay?

Pay securely with a wide range of payment options including Afterpay, Mastercard, Visa Card and Paypal. Paying with afterpay means that your blue light glasses will cost as little as $22 (With 4 easy fortnightly payments). No more excuses to protect your peepers! Make the decision to Invest in your health and wellness today!

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