Blue Light Glasses For the Digital World

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HOW bjorn blue CAN HELP YOU?

Eliminates Bad Blue Light

Our State of the Art Blue Lens technology filters out harmful blue light from your computer screen and electronic devices so you can be more productive at work and at home with reduced sore eyes and headaches

Sleep Glasses to Reduce Headaches

Did you know that the blue light you are receiving could be the cause of your restless sleep and headaches? With our blue light glasses, say goodbye to sor eyes, headaches and no sleep!

No more Glare!

How annoying is glare? Our blue lens have a premium anti reflective coating applied. This means that you will receive less glare on your screen. More time to do what you love without adding discomfort!

why you need blue light Blocking glasses?

Is Blue Light Harmful?

Dr Shelby Temple explains in simple, easy to understand terms why blue light is dangerous and why it is essential to protect our eyes from damaging blue light rays.

What our customers are saying

As a university study I am constantly suffering from migraines. These glasses have done wonders to help me concentrate harder on my classes.

Daisy L.

Dealing with computer orders in the online world was becoming a major struggle for me. Now I feel happy to go to work everyday without headaches.

Reece R.

Love the style! Never worn glasses before and now I can't take them off my face!

Erin M.