What Blue Light Technology Do We Use?

At Bjorn Blue we apply only the best quality blue light blocking material on the market to your lens.  

This is the most advanced blue light technology currently available worldwide and preferred by optometrists in Australia and around the globe.

Blue light blocking technology can be added to lenses in 2 ways:

  1. Using a blue light coating on the front and back surface of normal lenses;
  2. Using a high tech eliminating material which is not a coating.

We offer the second option at Bjorn Blue as we are dedicated to bring our clients the absolute best in blue light technology available. If you prefer, we can supply the coated choice for the same price but we don’t recommend it.

With over 40 years family experience in the optical industry in Australia, we guarantee to only provide you with the leading technology in Blue Light Glasses.

Our Blue Light Blocking glasses include a FREE Anti Reflective Coating

Included in all glasses at Bjorn Blue is a complimentary Anti Reflective coating applied to the front and back surface of the blue light blocking material.

Maybe companies charge a premium for an anti reflective coating to be applied to the blue light glasses but at Bjorn Blue we believe an anti reflective coating is important so we include it in our price as a complimentary service to our clients. 

There are many advantages of applying an anti reflective coating to your glasses. The main advantages are as follows:

  1. The anti reflective coating allows more light to enter the eye so you will be able to see more clearly;
  2. It makes your glasses more attractive in photos so cosmetically it is important to have;
  3. It prevents the lens from scratching.

This multi layered coating is the final coating applied on top of a hard coating on the front and back of the glasses.

Our Blue Light Blocking glasses include a FREE UV Coating

As a family affected by skin cancer, we understand the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun.

For this reason, our glasses include a full UV protection coating.

Even in the outside world, there is a high degree of blue light so you could also wear your glasses outside for both blue light & UV protection.

Prescription and Non Prescription Blue Light Glasses Computer Glasses

Unlike many blue light glasses companies, our blue light glasses are superior lab made quality and therefore we are able to offer prescription blue light glasses if needed.

All you need to do is upload your prescription at check out and we will apply your original script to our blue light blocking glasses.

Other Benefits of our Blue Blockers

These lenses are designed for blue light blocking, but you can also benefit when wearing your Bjorn Blues in other ways such as night driving from reflections from headlights and street light glare, owing to the benefits of the anti reflective coating.

In these lenses , because of the high standard of our coatings, back surface reflection glare and UV is eliminated.

Don’t except 2nd rate! Our lenses with UV and Anti reflection combined are the ultimate in eye protection and cosmetically the Best and easiest to clean.

We only use the latest technology in our range. Shop our blue light glasses Australia collection.