What is Blue Light?

Sunlight contains many shades of colours with different energies and wavelengths. Rays of light with short wavelengths have more energy than those with long wavelengths.

Blue wavelengths of light carry with them more energy as they are ones with shorter wavelengths. Blue wavelengths of light may also be referred to as violet light.


Where do you find Blue Light?

You will find blue light everywhere around you. You can find blue light both naturally – as delivered by the sun and artificially – coming out of your digital devices, fluorescent and LED lighting and flat-screen televisions.

Natural blue light is necessary for us to survive. It allows our sleep patterns to stay regular, keeps us alert and functioning during the day.

Artificial Blue Light is a whole different story. The blue light we are receiving from our digital devices goes above and beyond what is necessary for our bodies to operate.

Why is Artificial Light Bad for Your Health?

Why is artificial Blue Light Bad? An intense amount of energy from artificial blue light can damage the eye and cause digital eyestrain such as dry eyes, itchy eyes, headaches and fatigue.

Experts such as Dr Shelby Temple believe that over time blue light can actually be even more fatal and damaging to the back of the eye than UV light. In time, digital eyestrain also can lead to other more serious eye diseases such as macular degeneration.

The other big problem with blue light is that it affects our natural sleep patterns. Research conducted by Harvard University indicated this to be the case. They also found it increases peoples risk of anxiety, cancer and depression.

Why is it the case? Blue light impedes with the bodies ability to help as it blocks melatonin (a hormone in your body) that makes you feel tired. If you are struggling sleeping at night and are spending a long time on your digital devices it is quite possible blue light is to blame.

Digital Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

To avoid the negative effects of blue light on your light, it is highly recommended to wear a pair of high quality blue light blocking computer glasses.

Blue light filtering digital glasses have been designed to remove the blue light coming out of your digital devices and around your home from entering into your eye and causing short and long term damage.


Bjorn Blue's Blue Lens Glasses

Bjorn Blue’s blue lens glasses otherwise known as blue light blocking digital glasses for the computer are both fashionable and provide superior blue lens technology.

We provide advanced quality blue light lenses to provide you with the most superior computer and gaming glasses available on the market.

Our family has spent over 40 years in the optical industry is dedicated to providing you with 100% Australian owned and the most advanced blue light blocking glasses in the world.

In addition to removing artificial blue light, our blue light blocking glasses are built with a superior UV and anti reflective coating which reduces glare and eyestrain during prolonged use of digital products, reducing  your chance of experiencing headaches or fatigue during the day.

Our blue light range is available in prescription, non prescription and reading magnification.

We have also introduced a line of blue light blocking games glasses especially designed for gamers needs with a yellow gaming lens in place to elevate performance.