Do cheap blue light glasses do anything?

In this article we will discuss the question we get asked commonly - do cheap blue light glasses do anything?

In a world where everyone is trying to save a buck (we know it's tough out there - rents are expensive and the price of food is ridiculous) it is totally normal to ask if you can save money by purchasing a cheap pair of blue blockers.
Here is the reasons why we would not advise buying a pair of really inexpensive blue light blocking glasses.

Do cheap blue light glasses do anything? Probably not and here's why

The Quality Likely Won't be up to Standard

The effectiveness of blue light glasses can vary significantly between different brands and products.

Most affordable options indeed lack the quality and coatings needed to effectively filter blue light.

We use a professional optical lab to produce our eyewear at Bjorn Blue and not a factory.

Many blue light glasses companies use an overseas companies to produce "blue light glasses" that are not in actually fact doing anything for you! If anything they could be damaging your eyes by wearing eyewear from an unknown source.

You can save money by not buying through an optometrist (who has to pay the overheads of a bricks and mortar store) but we would not recommend buying through any company who does not claim they use a professional optical lab to make their eyewear.

Make sure you always do your research and buy only from a professional.

do cheap blue light glasses wotrk

They won't include the proper coatings 

Blue light glasses from reputable manufacturers can incorporate specialised coatings and lens materials that are effective in blocking or filtering out specific wavelengths of blue light associated with digital screens and artificial lighting.

Blue light glasses should also have an anti reflective coating and UV 400 protection.

Cheap blue light glasses do not have these necessary coatings. The reason being is that it is impossible to produce quality blue light glasses at the price points being sold online.

Can this blue light glasses company offer prescription?

We would not recommend buying from a blue light glasses provider that does not have the option of purchasing prescription eyewear (regardless if you need it or not).

By this we don't mean just magnification but proper script prescription, fulfilling your optical script from the optometrist.

Why? Because if they do not offer prescription glasses, it 99% means they are using a cheap factory and not a professional optical lab to make their eyewear.

should you buy cheap blue light glasses

4. Is this company with cheap blue light glasses a reputable brand?

Bjorn Blue was founded by a family with over 40 years experience in Australian optics. We also have experience in UK and New Zealand optics.

We are not a company who has no experience with optics and is purchasing in cheap eyewear online to on-sell it to consumers to make a quick buck.

Your eyes are a vital organ and you need to protect them! Make sure the company you are purchasing from has the know-how and is providing you with quality eyewear, not cheap factory produced glasses that may have the effect of damaging your eyes.


If you have any more questions surrounding do cheap blue light glasses work - we are happy to help so don't hesitate to reach out.


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