Do Blue Light Glasses help with Headaches?

Do Blue Light Glasses Help with Headaches?

Many of us will agree that in recent years we have all increased the amount of screen time we expose ourselves too. Whether that is due to some of us working from the office, a home office, creating digital content, reading the latest book, news, or gossip, or the countless other things we use our screens for, one simple fact stands out: Everything now comes, or is available in digital format.

We are in front of a screen now, more than any other time recorded in history. With increased amounts of screen time also comes increased negative side effects of using said screens.

Do Blue Light Glasses help with Headaches From Screens?

One of the main side effects of exposure to excess screen time is headaches. Many of us have experienced a headache at least once in our lifetime, but now, many people are having constant headaches and on occasion migraines due to the extra amount of time being spent in front of a screen.

Whatever form it may be, a computer, tablet, smartphone, or even our television screen, we are constantly straining our eyes with the use of our electronic devices.

These devices emit a blue light, which is known as electromagnetic energy, that travels in waves. These waves vary in length and strength. It is this blue light, that is coming from staring at a screen, that causes symptoms such as headaches to occur.

How Blue Light Glasses Can Help?

Many people have sought out ways to help alleviate their headaches which are caused by these waves, especially when using technology day in and day out.

The market has grown in the last few years for blue light glasses (also known as blue-light blocking glasses), and more and more individuals have shown an interest in just how these can help them get rid of their headaches.

Blue light glasses have been shown to alleviate as well as dissipate headaches. It is no wonder then, that blue light glasses have gained so much popularity recently.

Blue-light blocking glasses help reduce the strain that our eyes experience when we are in front of a screen for prolonged periods of time. This digital eye strain, as it is called, is what also causes us to experience headaches. Blue light glasses help eliminate headaches because they are specifically made to filter out the blue light that is emitted from our screens.

Recent studies found that blue-light blocking glasses that came with a 50% or more of a blue light filter provided better protection against headaches associated with blue light exposure. 

Our premium quality blue light glasses block out 100% of harmful blue light from the spectrum = reducing your headaches!

Clinical trials that were done in order to rate the performance of blue-light blocking glasses found that 74% of people experienced either less headaches or reported that their headaches went away altogether.

Research also found that 71% of individuals that started using blue light glasses to help alleviate headache pain gave the glasses a rating of a 9 or 10, thus proving just how effective blue-light blocking glasses are when it comes to warding off headaches.

do blue light glasses help with headaches

The Benefits of Using Blue Light Glasses to Prevent Headaches

The benefit to using blue light glasses to deter a headache is due to the fact that blue light glasses block out the blue-light that is coming from our screens from entering our eyes and causing sore, tired eyes as well as eye strain and headaches.

Blue light glasses are designed to filter out and block the blue light wavelengths that come from our screens. When this happens, our eyes are not exposed to this harmful blue light, which is why blue light glasses are an efficient way to help combat headaches.

As we mentioned before, since headaches can be caused by digital eye strain, wearing blue light glasses can protect our eyes, which in turn can shield us from getting a headache in the first place.

It is important to note that although not all blue-light blocking glasses are created equally, and their performance in preventing headaches will vary in accordance with the quality you buy. 

Make sure you buy a pair of blue light glasses made in an optical lab, not a factory, like our Bjorn Blue light glasses.

Due to blue light glasses helping to prevent headaches, an increased number of people have therefore begun wearing blue light glasses, and as more information comes to light about the benefits of these glasses when it comes to headaches.

With the daily use of technology in full force, blue light glasses have given people the ability to continue using their electronic devices without the added side effect of a nasty headache.

Conclusion - Do Blue Light Glasses help with Headaches?

So, we can now confidently answer the question: “Can blue light glasses help with headaches?” Our answer is most certainly a yes!

We come to the assured conclusion that blue light glasses can be an effective approach in decreasing and eliminating headaches due to our use of technology and exposure to blue light.

All that is required is that we take the initiative and invest in a pair of quality blue-light blocking glasses. This simple step is all that might be needed for you to experience relief from headaches.

Don’t forget that the overall quality of the glasses, including the lenses makes a difference in whether you will experience relief.

One thing we can say for certain is that when it comes to headaches, blue light glasses most definitely provide the protection and relief that many of us are looking for.