What glasses for oval face?

Wondering what glasses for a oval face?

When searching for the perfect glasses to match your oval face shape, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. You have the freedom to explore all of the different frames and styles that appeal to you.

Do you prefer bold angles or subtle curves? Are you drawn to modern or classic styles? Consider how the frames will look on your face and be sure to pick a pair that you love.

Theres a vast array of glasses out there, so dont be afraid to try different shapes to find the right fit. This guide is meant to help you find the glasses that make you and your eyes happy.

What glasses for oval face? Our Top Tips!

Do you have an oval face?

Are you wondering if you have an oval face shape? It is one of the most common face shapes, so chances are you do! To double check, take a look in the mirror and see if your face is about twice as long as it is wide, the forehead and chin slightly narrow, and the width of your forehead is the same or just a bit wider than your jawline. If that is all true, then you likely have an oval face shape!

The length of your face is approximately twice as long as its width. It tapers slightly at the forehead and chin, while the width is relatively even or wider across the cheekbones. Additionally, the width of your forehead is equal or slightly wider than your jawline.

People with oval faces typically have a rounded forehead and chin, but this is not always the case; some people may have more pointed features. What truly sets oval face shapes apart from diamond shapes is the even width of the face - diamond shapes are usually wider across the cheeks and not as long.

It is important to remember that not everybody's face will fit into one distinct shape, as it is usually a combination of two or more shapes. This is why it is so important to remember that everyone's face is unique and beautiful in its own way.


Best Glasses Shapes for an Oval Face

With an oval-shaped face, you have the luxury of being able to rock any pair of glasses you want! However, the abundance of choices may seem overwhelming.

To help you make your decision, use the tips below to find frames that will flatter your face shape. These guidelines will help you find the perfect frames for you while shopping for glasses.

Rectangle glasses 

If you have an oval face shape, rectangle glasses are the ideal accompaniment. Their width wider than length is opposite to your facial shape, and their straight lines contrast nicely with the curves of your face. This results in a sophisticated look that can be enhanced with colorful frames or decorations.

Rectangle glasses for men: Our Picks

Rectangle glasses for women: Our Picks

Square Glasses

Square glasses, much like their rectangular counterparts, are an excellent choice for those with an oval face as their strong lines and perpendicular angles create a nice contrast.

In fact, they can offer even more contrast and depth than rectangular frames, as the boxy lenses give a longer face a unique look.

Square glasses for men: Our Picks


Square glasses for women: Our Picks


Round Glasses for Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape, round glasses can create a beautiful look. They provide a perfect balance of curves that create an attractive visual.

We suggest exploring both modern and retro round designs with thick or thin frames in order to find the perfect pair for you!

Round glasses for men: Our Picks


Round glasses for women: Our Picks


Cat-eye glasses 

Cat-eye glasses are an excellent way to add a touch of elegance to an oval face. These frames draw attention to the cheekbones, creating an interesting contrast.

If you want to make a bold statement, choose frames with dramatic brows. Alternatively, you can opt for a more subtle look with frames that feature ever-so-slightly upswept corners.

Our fav cat eye glasses: Belle

cat eye glasses for oval faces

Crystal Glasses

Oval face shapes can really stand out when wearing crystal glasses, which provide a balance between subtle and daring. These frames provide a great accompaniment and make the face shape the star of the show.

Our crystal glasses: Blakely

Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses make a big statement with their teardrop-shaped lenses and provide your eyes with plenty of coverage. The addition of a brow bar adds a touch of boldness with its straight line, while still allowing your facial features to be seen.

Our aviator glasses: Bradley gaming glasses


What glasses don't work for oval faces?

Oval faces can rock any glasses frame and look phenomenal doing it! You can wear whatever style you want, and there is no limitation.

That said, some frames may present a styling challenge for oval faces, but that doesn't mean they're off-limits. Give them a try and see if they work for you!

Oversized Frames

If you have an oval face shape, it is important to be mindful of oversized frames. They can throw off the natural, even proportions of your face.

However, if you like the look of big, bold frames, don't be afraid to experiment and see which ones you prefer.

Glasses too wide

Glasses with widths that are much wider or less wide than your face can throw off the natural balance of an oval-shaped face and may not fit as comfortably. It is best to find glasses that have a width that is appropriate for your face.


Although having an oval face can feel overwhelming due to all the choices, you can simplify your shopping process by following style tips or reading our guide to buying glasses online. Ultimately, any pair of glasses that you love will look good on your oval face!