What are Sleep Glasses?

You may have heard about people going on about Sleep Glasses. I'm totally there with anything that can help you sleep better!

But what exactly are sleep glasses and why do they matter?

What are Sleep Glasses?

Sleep glasses are essentially a form of blue light glasses.

Blue light, coming out of digital screens and the world across us hurts the eye causing strain on the eye, fatigue and tiredness. What's more is that blue light has a negative impact on your sleep cycle.

Can't sleep at night? It is highly lightly that blue light could be the cause of your troubles.

I myself use my computer in the hours and even minutes before I jump into bed late at night and I know I'm not the only one. Who else is willing to admit it?


How Sleep Glasses Can Help Your Sleep?

Even though I am well aware I should give up my dirty little habit of late night computer keyboard tapping, will I? Well, probably not.

Luckily, there is another solution which means you can keep watching your favourite tv shows, catch up on that last little bit of work or university, hell even continue gaming minutes if not seconds before you dive into bed.

What are they? Blue Light Glasses aka Sleep Glasses!

The element that prevents you from sleeping soundly at night - that is blue light - is blocked out by our collection of blue light glasses which block out blue light up to 500 Nm range - making it top of the range blue light glasses on the market.

How much impact will Blue Light Glasses have on your productivity levels?

Despite Blue Glasses commonly being referred to as Sleep Glasses, the blue light coating on our blue light blocking glasses do not have any impact on the users productivity levels.

No - they won't make you drowsy or feeling like you just took 10 sleeping pills.

How does it impact your sleep later on?

Blue light causes the inability to sleep as the prevents the production of melatonin.

Blue light glasses allow production of melatonin to continue and therefore help the user have a more restful nights sleep.

That is when they want to go to sleep.

Are you tossing and turning at night? Check out our Sleep Glasses collection here.

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