How to Test Your Blue Light Glasses Online At Home

Wondering how to Test Your Blue Light Glasses?

If you have just purchased a shiney new pair of blue light glasses and are wondering if they are legit or whether you just purchased a marketing gimmick you may want to test if you got the real deal?

That's totally understandable. It may be the case that you have purchased blue light glasses that aren't really blue light at all or have such a small percentage of blue light the effects are negligible!

It is difficult to completely do a blue light glasses check from home, online DIY style but there are some things you can do to test your blue light glasses.

So How to Test Blue Light Computer Glasses?

1. Blue Light Filter Test #1 - Request the company for stats of how much blue light they are blocking

So how do you KNOW you got the real deal. Well the first thing you can do is ask your company how much blue light your lenses are filtering.

High quality blue light glasses filter 100% of blue light from the 405 Nm 550 Nm range.

If the company you are purchasing from is not attesting to this - you likely have got a blue light lens dupe.

It is always best to research this information in advance of purchasing. If not you can always ask your blue light lens company after the fact.

Rest assured all our blue light computer glasses fall within this range.

2. Blue Light Test by using a blue light emitting pen 

The second way to tell if your glasses have blue light protection is by using a blue light emitting pen and shining it through the glasses.

If you do not see the blue light shining through the other side - your glasses are blocking blue light effectively.

The issue with this blue light glasses check is it only works on one type or "brand" of blue light glasses so to speak.

It may be the fact that you have another type of blue light glasses which this trick won't work on.


Hope this blue light blocking glasses test was useful. If you have any questions about blue light blocking glasses feel free to contact us.

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