5 Key Benefits of Blue Light Glasses That You Should Consider

Wondering about the benefits of blue light glasses? We're here to tell ya!

Of course we think you should invest in a pair of our super fashionable blue light glasses but there is more to wearing a pair of Bjorn Blue's than just a fashion statement.

Here are 5 key benefits of blue light glasses and why everyone in the modern age should invest in a pair for your health and wellbeing.

5 Key Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

1. Better Sleep

One big reason you need to invest in a pair of blue light glasses is to achieve better sleep.

The thing about blue light glasses is they help improve your circadian rhythm, that is our natural body clock that tells us when we should get up in the morning and when when we should go to sleep at night.

In the old days, they had not much use for blue light glasses. Why? because they did not spend the same time we do now on digital devices like laptops or watching Netflix in the evenings. Being glued to your laptop before bed, can make you feel alert and not sleepy due to the artificial blue light that comes out of our screens.  

Blue light forms short wavelengths of light with lots of energy. These wavelengths stop the release of melatonin, a sleep hormone that tells our body it's time to go to bed, you're tired! When you sit in front of a computer or on your phone or gaming or watching tv, you stop this hormone being released and may find it harder to sleep at night.

You could just quit digital devices before bed but in the words of the Notebook - I just can't quit you!! - springs to mind, we would recommend a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

When you buy a pair of blue blockers, make sure you invest in a quality pair. Bjorn Blue’s lenses are designed to filter out the complete harmful blue light spectrum, which causes digital eye strain. At 380 to 435 nm, blue light is at its most dangerous to the eye.

Bjorn Blue blocks out 100% of dangerous blue light in the 380 to 435 nm range up to 550nm for our gaming glasses, designed with an LLR filter specifically designed for gamers. Bjorn Blue glasses are designed for day and night use as they include extra eye protection with a complimentary anti reflective and UV coating.

These coatings protect your eyes from reflections and from UV damage to the eye from sunlight. Harmful UV light can damage the cornea and cells in the back of the eye. We ensure the best protection as our lenses are UV 400 compliant.

2. No more migraines or headaches

Another big benefit of blue light glasses is that you will experience less headaches or migraines.

Blue light is known to bring on headaches. Migraine sufferers have noticed a big difference in their frequency of attacks since wearing a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

3. Reduced eye strain

Many jobs require you to be constantly on your computer, straining your eye. Blue light glasses are designed to relax the eye muscles to stop any eye strain while you are on your digital device.

Eye strain is also caused by the reflections on your screen. For this reason, it is important that your blue light blockers not only include a blue blocker but also an anti reflective coating. Many stores charge extra for this premium coating, however, we include a high quality anti reflective coating on every pair of our Bjorn Blue glasses.

4. Less chance of long term damage to the eye including eye diseases

Many doctors, like Dr Shelby Temple, believe that the damage of blue light could extend way past digital eye strain, lack of sleep and headaches, but it could also cause long term damage to the back of the eye including macular degeneration and cataracts.

UV light has also proven to cause these eye diseases and for that reason all our glasses at Bjorn Blue also include UV 400 protection, for day and night use.

5. You can keep doing the things you love

At the end of the day, the biggest benefit of blue light glasses is they allow us to keep doing the things we love, like late night internet searching and watching netflix without a myriad of adverse side effects.

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