Do you need glasses for computer?

Do you need glasses for computer? - the question on everyone's lips.

Are you suffering from headaches or eye strain or even fuzziness in the eyes after a long day working on your computer? - If you have answered yes to any of these symptoms - a pair of blue light blocking computer glasses are probably in order.

In the digital age, it's pretty darn hard to avoid working with a computer or a digital device of some kind. Even if you work in a coffee shop, the monitor used to served coffees is emitting harmful blue light. You are even looking at a phone or computer looking up this article. As a way to rewind, I go home and watch tv, or surf the net - and therefore, I gain even more blue light exposure.

So near everyone needs a pair of blue light computer glasses, that is if you care in any way about protecting your health, and the health of your eye.

Computer Vision Syndrome and why a pair of glasses for computer will help

Computer vision syndrome is the term that people are referring to when your eyes become sore and strained after a long time of computer use and blue light exposure.

You don't have to worry, computer vision syndrome will go away in the short term but it is the LONG TERM damage to your eyes that you really have to worry a lot about. Some long term side effects of blue light can include macular degeneration. Some experts such as Dr Shelby Temple believe that blue light can be more damaging than UV light to the back of the eye! 

Of course, all our bjorn blue glasses black 100% of UV light too - because hey, they're good.

If you are wondering if you are in this boat and have the dreaded computer vision syndrome, you may suffer from dry eyes, red eyes, dizziness or headaches.

Why does this happen to you eyes? Well, digital devices like computers, laptops and smart phones project emit harmful blue light. 

This means that even if you don't normally wear prescription glasses to fix vision problems you still should be wearing a pair of computer glasses to protect your eyes. Our blue light glasses are designed in a professional optical lab (not a factory) to block 100% of harmful blue light coming from the screens from entering your eyes. Not only do they include a blue blocker we include a very high quality anti reflective coating on all our glasses to reduce glare and eye strain while working on screens.


A further explanation - What is blue light and why do we want to block it with pc glasses?

Blue light is certainly not a new concept. It is everywhere in the world around us in the spectrum of light. There are a range of different colours of light in fact with blue light just being one of many.

Blue wavelengths of light carry with them more energy as they are ones with shorter wavelengths. Blue light is known as High Energy Visible (HEV) light.

Blue light is not JUST in our digital devices it is also in the sunshine outside. This is a good form of blue light and one that is necessary for us to survive. In fact it tells us when to wake up in the morning and when yo fall asleep at night - blue light has a big impact on our circadian rhythm. 

What impacts our circadian rhythm and natural sleep patterns is artificial blue light exposure from our digital devices. That is why the hours spent in front of a computer or screen of any kind can have a big impact on the health of your eye.

More on how failing to wear blue light glasses can fail to give you a good night sleep

So more on circadian rhythm. If you jump on a computer or smart phone or a tv in the hours before you go to bed, you might want to consider a pair of blue light blocking computer glasses.

Wondering why you are struggling to sleep at night? Computer glasses might just be the answer to all your prayers.

Just as natural blue light in the sun, helps us know when to wake up and when to go to sleep at night, artificial blue light exposure stuffs with that.


Well, blue light reduces the bodys protection of a hormone known as melatonin - this is your sleep hormone and what the body uses to make you tired. When the sun goes away in the evening so does blue light and eventually we start to feel tired. Well, this is all stuffed up when we start using electronic devices or artificial lighting after sundown.

So, basically if you want to still watch your fav netflix show or read the news on your phone before bed you will really want to invest in a pair of great computer glasses.

glasses for computer

What about eyestrain? Is a pair of glasses for computer good for eyestrain?

The long and the short of this answer is yes - a pair of blue light glasses is also very important to prevent eyestrain.


Basically, our eyes were not designed for filtering this type of artificial light which can eventually make our eyes sore and irritated. It can get even worse over time, which is why it is very good to wear a pair of glasses for computer early on. Over time, you can even be exposed to macular degeneration and cataracts. 

Don't be a dummie - wear a pair of computer screen glasses.

Why choose a pair of Bjorn Blue light glasses

With over 40 years of optical industry experience we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the very best quality of blue light glasses available in Australia.

The problem with other blue light blocking glasses companies is that they just care about selling glasses and not the health of your eyes. We use a professional optical lab, like an Australian optometrist would use, not a factory to produce all our superior blue light blocking glasses.

Our glasses block out 100% of harmful artificial blue light from entering your eye. We use the best technology available in Australia and include all the coatings that usually cost extra at no additional cost including an anti reflective coating (to further assist digital eye strain) and UV 400 coating so your eyes are protected from UV light as well as blue light.

Whether you want a professional but trendy pair of blue light glasses for the office or at home, we have you covered with the best of Australia's blue light blocking technology without the added costs of a bricks and mortar store with staff.  

Shop our range of blue light blocking glasses here.

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