What do Gaming Glasses do?

Have you ever wondered What do Gamer Glasses do or why you should consider wearing a pair if you are a gamer?

This article will explain how gaming glasses can help protect your eyes if you are a gamer.

What do Gaming Glasses do? 

First Question: Do you ever spend any amounts of substantial time in front of a playing games?

Second Question: As a result of this, do you ever feel your eyes becoming irritated, dry or burning as a result of doing so?

If you have answered affirmative to both of these questions you may want to consider investing in a pair of gaming glasses.

Gaming glasses reduce the impact of blue light on our eyes meaning gaming glasses will assist with irritated, dry or burning gamers eyes - effectively meaning - MORE TIME GAMING! 

Always a good thing right ;)


What are Gaming Goggles?

The long or the short of it is that gaming glasses or computer eyewear for gaming are glasses designed especially for gamers who they can spend more time gaming without affecting the health (both short term and long term) of their eyes.

The real damage that gamers receive over the average person is the length of time spent in front of a computer screen every day.

Don't get me wrong, every person who spends substantial time in front of digital devices should be wearing blue light glasses but this is even more important for gmaers.

Forbes Research indicates that gamers spend on average 7 hours and 7 minutes each week playing games. Many gamers I know spend a lot more time on video games than that!

The problem with spending a lot of time in front of screens is the blue light that is entering the eye and damaging it. Many doctors believe that blue light can actually even be more dangerous than UV light to the back of the eye.

Blue light impacts your life in so many ways - more than you probably realise because you can't see it. But you might even be feeling the effects of it right now.

For example, gamers may experience headaches, dry eyes, eye strain, lack of sleep after gaming.


How Do Gaming Glasses Work?

The simplified answer is that gaming glasses use advanced technology to filter the blue light coming out of your screens from entering your eyes and causing you problems. 

Ever felt like gaming is ruining your life and you can't quite pinpoint why? It likely has something to do with blue light.

Blue light is a sneaky devil. You don't know it's there but it affects your life in more ways than you will probably know.

For example? Do you struggle sleeping after a long session gaming?

Blue light disrupts what is known as our circadian rhythm. In easy to follow terms it causes sleep disturbance as it causes disrupts our natural circadian rhythm.

Other short terms health problems blue light can cause are bad migraines. And seriously, who can operate at all, let alone game on a bad migraine.

Even worse, studies have linked blue light to longer term health problems such as damage to the back of the eye. There has been evidence to suggest that people need prescription at an earlier age as a direct result of blue light.

Why Get a Pair of Gaming Glasses?

Aside from the direct health benefits to the eyes from getting yourself a pair of gaming glasses it can also give you a leg up in the gaming competition - which is always good right!?

It can also reduce the amount of glare you receive from your computer while gaming.

Like swimmers wear Skins, blue light gaming glasses can mean that gamers can spend longer time practicing their skills without needing to get off the computer, also allowing the participants to make quicker, more skilful moves in the process too!

Where can you get these awesome things you call video glasses?

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