Blue light glasses Melbourne

Looking for blue light glasses in Melbourne? As a proud Australian blue light glasses company you have come to the right place!

Blue Light Glasses Melbourne - Why Us?

We produce only the very best quality Australian blue light blocking glasses.

While many companies use overseas factories to create their blue light glasses, we use a professional optical laboratory to create a superior quality of blue light glasses. You want to avoid cheap blue light blockers at all costs as factory made glasses will not work and therefore you will be wasting your hard earned money!

At Bjorn Blue we have over 40 years experience in Australian optics. We are committed to using on the best quality. Therefore you can be rest assured you are getting the best blue light glasses in Melbourne with a pair of Bjorn Blues! You can also jump on any have a chat with our friendly optician at any time.

As we produce our blue light lens in an optical lab, we are able to also offer prescription blue light glasses. All you need to do is upload your optical script!

If a blue light glasses company does not offer prescription lens be aware they are probably not using an optical lab and are buying their lens overseas in a factory. Look out for this even if you do not need prescription glasses as it is a tell-tale sign of bad quality. The issue is these factory are not experienced in optics and do not have the know-how to manufacture optical lens.

As we are an online store, with limited overheads we are able to provide you with the best quality of glasses in Melbourne at great prices without comprising on quality.

All Bjorn Blue glasses not only include a blue blocker but also an anti-reflective and UV coating. These coatings are often charged extra in an optometrist store.

All our glasses are available in non prescription, single vision prescription, multi focal prescription, blue blocking sunglasses and we even offer a dedicated range of gaming glasses with a specialized LLR filter for serious gamers to protect their eyes.