Prescription computer glasses

Do you need prescription computer glasses but don't know where to start? Our easy step by step guide will show you how to order blue light glasses with prescription online in an easy, simple manner and save money!

Prescription computer glasses: How to order prescription blue light glasses online!

Do you want to save some money on prescription blue light glasses? Good idea! As we are an online store, lucky for you we can offer prescription blue light glasses at a more affordable price than Australian optometrists without comprising on quality! We don't use a factory to create your glasses but still an optical lab like they would - we just don't have a walk -in store and paid optometrist, hence the lower price and cheap blue light glasses!

So, let's get to the good stuff - how to save yourself some $$ on some high quality blue blockers!

Step 1: Get your optometrist script

If you have been to the optometrist they will have created a script for you. This will indicate what type of glasses you need - reading or distance and how strong you need the glasses to be.

In Australia, optometrists are legally obligated to provide you with your personal script. As they too are a business, they may not offer this but you can ask! It is 100% acceptable.

Step 2: Find the style of blue light glasses you love!

Okay, you have your script, now it's time for the fun stuff - finding your perfect pair of blue light glasses!

We have a wide range of mens and women's blue light glasses as well as a range of different styles to choose from including black glasses and the very fashionable clear glasses.

Step 3: Add your prescription to the order

Once you have found the glasses you love, add your unique prescription to the eyewear.

You will need to choose your lenses and upload your optometrist script.


What prescription to select?

If you aren't sure what prescription to select from our drop down menu, we are happy to assist! Simply talk to us on chat or email

But, here is a quick guide.

  • Prescription - Single vision: You just need reading OR distance glasses + your script is mild (aka you aren't blind as a bat!)
  • Ultra Thin & light Single Vision: You just need reading OR distance glasses and you are kinda blind. Thin and light means that your lens are ground down super thin so they aren't bricks on your face!
  • Ultra+ Thin & light Single Vision:  You want the thinest lenses available in Australia - you want them light AF! Oh, and just reading OR distance.
  • Prescription - Multi focal: Also known as progressive. You want reading AND distance in the same glasses. You are very greedy ;)
  • Ultra Thin and Light Multi Focal: You want reading AND distance in the same glasses. AND you want them to be SUPER light. We got you covered.
  • Transitions - You want your prescription glasses to turn into sunnies when you go outside.

prescription blue light glasses


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