How to Clean Blue Light Glasses

How to clean blue light glasses is a question we get quite often.

Over the years, blue light glasses have grown hugely in popularity as people recognise the need to protect their eyes from blue light while on digital devices. For this reason, it is necessary to clean the lenses in order to adequately protect your eyes and be actually able to see the screen!

This blog will give you some pro tips on how to clean your computer or blue light glasses from an optician who has been working in optics for over 20 years.

How to Clean Blue Light Glasses

Firstly, if you have purchased a pair of Bjorn Blue, blue light glasses you have already invested in quality. This means your lenses have the absolute best coatings already in place including a premium anti reflective coating. They are made with premium material that does not fog easily.

That does not mean however, they are immune to dirty paws and looking after them with some great cleaning tips will really help them last you a lifetime! 

Steps to Clean Computer Glasses

Step 1: Use the advanced Cleaning Cloth provided with your Bjorn Blues

With every pair of Bjorn Blue glasses, you will have received a cleaning cloth that is specifically designed for blue light glasses care. In many occasions this cleaning cloth can be used on its own with no need for any additional solution or water.

Step 2 (Option 1): Either fill a bowl of warm water 

If you are environmentally friendly, you can simply full a bowl of lukewarm water and use your cleaning cloth to clean the glasses.  
It is better to use the cleaning cloth provided by Bjorn Blue than any old rag you may locate around the house as this can scratch your glasses. A high quality cleaning cloth such as the ones we provide at Bjorn Blue with our glasses will not scratch your glasses while you are cleaning them.

Step 2 (Option 2):Using a lens cleaning solution

Any reputable optometrist will sell a lens cleaning solution which can be used to clean your blue light glasses in addition to your cleaning cloth.
While this will give your glasses the best result, many people are against using these lens cleaning solutions as many of them are not environmentally friendly. Aside from potential, negative environmental results, it will not impact your blue light glasses in any way. 

Step 2 (Option 3): The steam approach

The third option which is also environmentally friendly is the steam approach of cleaning. In order to clean your glasses in this manner, you can simply run the hot water and let your lens fog up.

From there, you can simply use your Bjorn Blue cleaning cloth to clean your blue light glasses. 

No matter which of the above methods you choose, they will also work nicely to clean and sterislise your blue light glasses from sticky fingers.

If you want your blue light glasses to last a long time, it is important that you regularly clean and care for them so they can protect your eyes from blue light for years to come!

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