Why use Blue light blocking glasses for kids?

Wondering whether you should use a pair of blue light blocking glasses for kids?

You have probably heard of the benefits of using blue light blockers for adults but how about for little eyes? Here's some reasons that you should consider getting a pair of blue light glasses for kids.

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Why use Blue light blocking glasses for kids?

1. Your Kids Spent a Lot of Time in Front of Screens

We live in a new age digital world and kids are spending more time in front of screens including tv, iPads and even phones playing games than ever before.

If your kids spend more than a few hours in front of a screen daily you should really consider investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses to protect their eyes.

Like us, blue light can affect their eyes in a myriad of ways including sore and tired eyes, trouble concentrating and experiencing headaches. If your kid is playing up and you can't explain why, it may be due to the impact blue light is having on their life.

These are the short term side effects of blue light on little eyes. There is no telling the damage long term on kids today whose generation have spent more time than ever before exposed to artificial blue light. Some long term side effects of blue light can include macular degeneration. Some experts such as Dr Shelby Temple believe that blue light can be more damaging than UV light to the back of the eye! Luckily are glasses are also UV 400 compliant (the same level as sunglasses!)


2. Your Kids Are Having Trouble Sleeping

Blue light has the ability to affect our circadian rhythm - that is the signs our brain receives when it is dark and time to sleep.

If your kids are having trouble falling asleep at night there is a good chance it is due to the amount of artificial blue light they are receiving. Instead of telling our brain it is time for bed, the artificial blue light we are receiving has the opposite effect - it informs our brains to be awake like it is daytime. 

At 380 to 435 nm, blue light is at its most dangerous to the eye. Our range of glasses block 100% dangerous blue and green light up to 550 nm. While you might be tempted by cheap blue light glasses online for your kids, it is important to purchase a pair of blue light glasses that actually work and are not just a fashion statement for your kids! Otherwise, they will not work like they are meant to and your brain will be confused as to what time of day it is!

3. Blue Light is Found Everywhere!

Even if your kids 1. don't spend a lot of time on their devices or 2. don't have trouble sleeping, it may be still beneficial to purchase them a pair of computer glasses to block blue light.

Why? Well blue light is found everywhere! In a digital world it is near impossible to avoid blue light exposure. You are exposed to blue light in the light bulbs in your house, from your appliances like your fridge etc.


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